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Hello and welcome to the GB 4x4 Radios (formerly Roverville-Radio Repair) web site.

GB 4x4 Radios are located in both USA & UK, and just like you, we're enthusiastic Land Rover owners. We’re not just some generic stereo shop having a crack at repairing Land Rover radios. Many years ago we found a need to provide fellow Land Rover enthusiasts with a professional, speedy and affordable service alternative to getting their OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Land Rover stereo systems back on track, so we put in the bench hours and the result is that we can and do help the Land Rover community get their factory systems back up and running with all OEM parts - sounding better than ever and at a fraction of the usual 'middle-man' prices, not to mention the woeful months in turnaround.

We dramatically improve most of these OEM units with our GB 4x4 Radios exclusive iPod / iPhone / MP3 3.5mm aux jack installation, and unlike anywhere else, our aux jack system allows you to keep your CD changer inline and working, Yes, you gain direct connect aux capability and lose nothing! What’s more - it automatically switches from radio to aux mode when you plug the jack in. How sweet is that?



These are just a few of the issues we encounter daily, just let us know with your e-mail what seems to be the problem, what’s it doing/not doing?

Buzzing, humming, popping, crackling noises.

Intermittent sound at your speakers (causing you to want to reach out and hit the dash)  bumpy roads or outdoor temp changes seem to make your system work sporadically.

Can’t see anything at all, bad LCD, LCD dim, larva lamp looking, bright green with no digits, no illumination, etc.

No sound at all.

Code locked, you can’t enter the code, all you see is the word CODE, unit just beeps, code # stuck on the LCD or lines like this    - - - -   Note: LCD has to display the words Code or Code In before the code can be entered on any Land Rover unit!



WARNING: If ever you managed to get your radio wet, be it a drink spill, leaking sunroof, leaking windshield, etc., DO NOT SWITCH IT ON! Switching it on is exactly when you fry it. You'll be panic-stricken and want to test it to see if it is good and it will be good until you switch it on, so resist that compulsion and do this instead:

  • Remove it from the car and leave it standing on end to drain in a warm (not hot) place.
  • Allow a good week to completely dry out, set a fan blowing on it if you can.
  • Chances are, once you re-install it it’ll be fine!!  If a coffee/cola sugar syrup type drink - then the unit has to be professionally cleaned by us.     

With all the above issues and any others you may have we can help. Our diligent service will get everything working the way it should.

Also note: unlike other electronic repair shops that offer a basic price to repair the issue alone, then once it’s in their shop they jack the price up per issue, we service the entire unit at a set price, all is tested, cleaned and repaired as needed, worthy of our 3 month warranty. Like any man-made products, some of these units have known weak points, these we have painstakingly found over the years and we replace all those components with superseded parts to help prevent future issues.



We get a lot of units in that have done the rounds of the less experienced auto audio shops where they are often condemned the unit as beyond repair and usually made worse with mindlessly clutching at straws by messing with every component without a clue as to what the real faults are. Do you and your wallet a favor and send it to the right place the first time: GB 4x4 Radios UK and USA. You'll be doing both yourself and us a big favor as we won't have to charge and fix the extra problems created by clueless shops. We cater specifically to Land Rover Stereo so that’s what we know! 



We aim for very speedy turnaround, usually just a few days, but is dependent on work load, part availability, severity of repairs needed, holidays, etc. Add a day for Aux Jack install if combined with repair.



Once your shipped unit arrives at GB 4x4 Radios we contact you to let you know it’s arrived and give you a status report, so you relax in the knowledge that you sent it to the right people first time.


We do the following: Stereo fault diagnostics, repairs, direct sales, buy, and exchange exclusively on Land Rover stereo systems. We specialize in face mounted and remote mounted iPod / MP3 Auxiliary jacks for most OEM units 1997 to 2004 for our customers world wide. We buy new or used Land Rover stereo equipment in any condition with or without the security codes


We proudly have two facilities to serve you in USA and UK, please select the facility nearest you:

USA GB 4x4 Radios


UK GB 4x4 Radios

Send an email with the following information:

  • Land Rover model and year, i.e. Range Rover, Discovery I or II, Defender, etc.  with year
  • What seems to be the problem, best you can tell, what's it doing/not doing, was rain or spilled refreshment involved?
  • Tel. number and shipping address so we can quote shipping price, domestic or international?

Note: we intentionally have left our shipping address off for good reason.  Too many folks sent us units that were not OEM Land Rover or were sent without any information,  i.e. sent From a packing / shipping shops with no owner info, so no way to contact the owner… So as well as us wanting to know what’s coming in and why we can often help without the cost and downtime of needlessly shipping us your unit as it could be something simple that you can repair…. like a blown fuse at back of radio or fuse box.

We also sell a few unique specialty items, like a 7 piece set of Range Rover Classic 1987 to 1994 internally illuminated window and sun-roof switches, we do sell a 3 piece set for the 1995 soft dash…. is the rear doors and the sunroof only.

Ipod / MP3 Connections

Due to a high volume of requests we are very pleased to offer our latest development:  Direct Ipod / MP3 /iPhone connection by means of our stereo 3.5mm radio face Aux jack... for virtually all Land Rover OEM sound systems.  It’s the perfect solution for those Land Rover owners that want state of the art technology in their factory head units.

With our discrete 3.5mm Aux. jack solution you do not lose any system functions, but gain Ipod/MP3/Serius/Satilite/iPhone, etc direct connectivity to your OEM sound system. So throw away those junk sound dropping, noise making cassette adaptor and trash sounding FM modulators. Our 3.5mm Aux. jack is a direct connection, so no drop in volume or fidelity.  Just plug and play!  

You get: Our discrete 3.5mm Aux. jack professionally installed in your OEM radio and a 4’ double ended 3.5mm stereo cord that fits all Ipod/MP3/Serius/Satilite/iPhone, etc


When connected through our Aux. jack and enjoying your iTunes/music should you get a phone call through  the same device, the music will gently fade out and the phone ringing will be audible direct through your car speakers, simply answer the call and talk, they hear you fine (no need to pick the iPhone up even) and you hear them through the car speakers, so is hands free without buying ear phones etc.  Once you end the call the radio / music gently fades back in. I say gently because it is subtle (won’t scare you to death while you drive) and gently increases back to the volume you had before the call.  It's brilliant! 



After hundreds of requests and hours of research and testing we have it solved. We can now add this feature to any OEM Land Rover stereo for $129 + $12 shipped back to your door in the USA, $141 total. 

This service requires that you ship us your OEM radio head unit to install.

Note:  As a special courtesy we offer this same option at near ½ price to customers that are shipping a unit in for repair anyway, just ask for an Ipod Jack too. $79


Range Rover Classic 1993-1995  & all Discovery I changer by Pioneer    

$289  shipped to your door

Range Rover Classic 1990 to 1993 changer by Pioneer                                 

$289  shipped to your door



Specialised Land Rover parts:

Range Rover Classic Switch upgrade: 'Illuminated/lighted' window switches

Special Parts page



Clarion RDS Diversity AMR 2672, Clarion PRC 7618 /


PRC 7617 /

Clarion Defender RTC 7788) /


Clarion CD Changer PRC 9033 /

CD changer 6 disc Magazine for PRC 9033 /


Alpine XQD10158OLNF


AMR 2772 /

RTC 7713

We fix the whole Land Rover range of units every day right here in our workshops in USA & UK.

When your local radio shop says it's beyond repair - send it to us and we'll fix it as new and have it back in the mail in a matter of days - not weeks!


GB 4x4 Radios are located in both Arkansas, USA & Sheffield, England, UK. We repair Land Rover stereo equipment exclusively and are possibly the only repair facilities in the world that aims for a 2-3 day turnaround time (dependant on present work load, severity of repairs), so use us, we're right in your backyard. The USA workshop covers: USA, Canada, Americas, Pacific, Asia. The UK site covers the whole of Europe, Australia and New Zealand (same band frequency as UK units).

GB 4x4 Radio provides top quality Radio, CD changer repair work with all

genuine factory parts at a fraction of dealer 'middle-man' prices.. Also many dealers no longer offer radio repair service on the older units...nor do they know much about their product; they'd sooner sell you a brand new unit for $$££. If you hear "it's fried/dead/a no good unit", send it to us we can and do repair back to reliable perfection most of these dealer 'condemned' units.  

We buys any used or new Rover stereo equipment: head units,

CD changers, woofers, wiring harnesses, amps and speakers, in working or non-working condition with or without code. All units are professionally tested & reconditioned like new prior to re-sale!  Payment for used equipment will be made only once received.

Unfortunately, we have found that many inquiries are from owners simply wanting free advice -- but if you are genuinely interested in professional repair or exchange services you should definitely contact us. We'll reply with helpful "easy for anyone to follow" removal instructions, pictures etc. so you can remove the radio/CD etc yourself, saving you at least $100 that a dealer would charge you.


Shipping & Handling on head units & CD changers in the USA $12

GB 4x4 Radios repair these units for Dealers world wide and for those individuals that prefer not to wait the 2-3 months it usually takes the manufacturers, that’s a long time without tunes!

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