Aux (iPhone, iPod, MP3, Smart Phone, etc.) Connection

Ipod / MP3 Connection to OEM Stereos.

The most asked question at GB 4x4 Radios is 'can you modify my head unit for Ipod / iPhone / mp3' and until now that has not been possible because of the space limitations in the units, but after extensive Research & Development we are now able to offer our customers what they desire above all else - the perfect solution for Rover owners who want IPod and MP3 capability with their OEM stereos. But even better, with our solution you don't have to dispense with the CD Changer - you get to keep and use the CD Changer in addition to Ipod / mp3 /iPhone, Smart phones.

Works with iPhone.

When connected through our Aux. jack and enjoying your iTunes/music should you get a phone call through the same device, the music will gently fade out and the phone ringing will be audible direct through your car speakers, simply answer the call and talk, they hear you fine (no need to pick the iPhone up even) and you hear them through the car speakers, so is hands free without buying ear phones etc.  Once you end the call the radio / music gently fades back in. I say gently because it is subtle (won’t scare you to death while you drive) and gently increases back to the volume you had before the call.  It's brilliant!  


ALPINE (Range Rover)

 ALPINE (Discovery II)





Keep your CD changer and gain our discrete 3.5 mm aux jack.

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