Ship via Royal Mail Special Delivery, tracked and insured for £500), UPS, Fed Ex, or any other carrier to:

GB 4x4 Radios, Thomas Monaghan, 11 Norfolk Hill, Grenoside, Sheffield, S35 8QA.

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Don't be alarmed, these units ship with no problem when packaged correctly. Our goal is to never have something show up here and have to call you back to decide if you want to make a claim with the carrier. The question from the carrier is always, "Was it packaged correctly?"

So, an extra minute to make sure it is packaged correctly helps the whole process stay on estimated time & money. Although most packers do a great job, it's your equipment - watch them and request the following packing guidelines.

   BUBBLE WRAP: The unit should be wrapped in plastic or bubble wrap. This ensures no scratches & keeps stuff from getting all inside tape decks and cd players. Bubble wrap is the best because it protects two ways. It keeps the unit free of debris and it cushions all sides.

   Polystyrene beans: Packing beans work good but it is important to fill the box all the way so the unit won't be able to shift towards the edge of the box and take an impact. Remember, the lid of the box should close down tightly on the peanuts to avoid shifting.

A unit that has 2 inches of bubble wrap around it taped, and put in a box TIGHTLY FULL of peanuts on all sides will show up here in it's original condition every time.

WEIGHT: keep under 2 kilograms. If you go over it will be routed via Parcelforce and the cost will rise significantly.

Wadded up newspaper is just as good as peanuts but same principle applies, the box needs to be full so the unit stays in the center & it won't shift.

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